Udayan Ghar (Sunshine Home)

The Udayan Ghar (Sunshine Home)

These are not orphanages or shelters. Udayan Ghars are run under the philosophy of LIFE, Life In Family Environment. Udayan Ghars are family homes, much like yours and mine, where the children live until they reach adulthood. This creates a sense of belonging and a bond for life. The children are taken care of by Mentor Mothers and Fathers who have dedicated their lives to raising these children as if they were their own.

An Udayan Ghar distinguishes itself from other facilities that merely serve as institutions; by offering these children a loving family; stable, safe home; quality education at local schools; and the confidence to develop the skills needed to lead independent lives.

One key component of the Ghar program is its attention to mental health. Reactions to trauma vary. Often children have trouble getting along with others and can become closed and withdrawn. Some develop anxiety, depression, or aggressive behavior, while others may experience developmental delays leading to poor performance and integration at school. The Udayan Mental Health Program, based on UNICEFs recommendations, aims to help the children deal with their past and prepare them for their future by building their sense of security, self esteem, and ability to cope.

Current Ghar locations include: New Delhi (7); Jaipur, Rajasthan; Gurugram (2), Faridabad (2), and Kurukshetra, Haryana; and Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida (2), Uttar Pradesh.

It only takes $2,700 per year or $220 per month to sponsor an Udayan Ghar child until age 18.

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Udayan Aftercare Program

Once an Udayan Ghar child reaches the age of 18, the Udayan Aftercare program supports each child’s living arrangements and higher education. At the age of 18, the Indian government requires all children in institutional care, which includes the Udayan Ghar, to be released to live on their own. This law is completely counter to Indian culture as children often live with their parents until they marry.

In addition to housing, food and other basic needs, college tuition or vocational training costs are covered through the completion of their education. The Aftercare Program ensures that all of Udayan Care’s children become self‐sufficient and productive members of society by requiring everyone to participate in household chores and understand what is required to live on their own.

Current Aftercare locations include: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and Gurugram, Haryana, the sites of two physical after care homes. However, Udayan Care India pays for accommodations at hostels, room shares, and apartments depending on the proximity of a child’s educational or vocational institution.

It only takes $2,700 per year or $220 per month to sponsor an Udayan Aftercare child through college or vocational training

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