Udayan Shalini Fellowship

An Educated Girl Will

• Stay Healthy

• Support Her Family

• Exude Confidence

• Contribute To Her Community

Udayan Shalini Fellowship is a five to six-year scholarship and mentorship program through college

Udayan Ghar (Sunshine Home)

"I Will Not Leave You As Orphan Or Abandon, I Will Come To You"

An Udayan Ghar is

• Providing a stable home

• Loving care from dedicated mentor parents

• Fostering a child's potential thru education

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Highlights of the state of girls education and of orphaned and abandoned children in India.

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chetna bhoomi chandini

Loving Families. Permanent, loving group family homes that care for orphaned, abandoned, and lost children in northern India.

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Creating Educated Girls. Supports ambitious young women from families making less than $2,000 per year through tuition support from 11th grade through higher education, and mentorship.

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Locations in India

New Delhi   •   Rajasthan    •   Haryana   •   Maharashtra  •   Punjab   •   Uttar Pradesh   •   Uttarakhand

  •    Telangana    •   West Bengal    •     Tamil Nadu      •     Karnataka