The funds raised by Udayan Care USA have made a strong and lasting impact on the children of India since our inception in 2010. The funds raised have allowed us to support the following children and initiatives:

Construction Of Udayan Ghar (Sunshine Home)

We were able to fund the building purchase and renovation of a new UdayanGhar in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since 2013, the home resounds with the laughter of fifteen little girls, basking in the love and warmth of their Mentor Mothers, RukhmaniHaldea, SheetalBahri and Madhu Jhala, who are nurturing them into confident young women. The home’s caretakers, understand the children and look after them with great care and love as does their social worker Ms. Rakhi Jaitley.

Udayan Ghar Children Sponsored

For each Ghar child we sponsor, we cover the costs related to housing, education, nutrition, and medical/mental/dental health expenses as well as the salaries of those integral to the care of the children (i.e., cleaning staff, home caretaker’s, social worker, mental health physician). Thus far, we are honored to have supported 100 Girls and 57 Boys.
An Udayan Ghar Success Story

Establishment of an Education Corpus Fund

This fund has been set aside for the sole purpose of paying for the higher education of Udayan Ghar girls in Jaipur. As this program is in its infancy in Jaipur, this fund will become instrumental in allowing these girls to pursue their passions once they become college age.

Udayan After Care Program Children Sponsored

For each After Care child, we again cover the same costs as indicated above with a Ghar child. Costs can vary slightly per child based on which higher education institution they have chosen and what housing options are available (i.e., college dormitories, apartments). Thus far, we are proud to have supported 9 Girls and 3 Boys in the After Care programe
An Udayan After Care Success Story

Creation of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Chapters

Three chapters have been started by Udayan Care USA: Jaipur, Rajasthan (2012), Chennai, Tamil Nadu (2017) and Panchkula, Haryana (2017). The establishment of Chennai is especially exciting as it continues Udayan Care India’s expansion into Southern India. The introduction of Jaipur and Panchkula continues to support young women away from urban centers where the issues around girl’s education is more pronounced.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Young Women Sponsored

The yearly cost to support a Shalini Fellow is greatly reduced as compared to the Ghar and After Care programs given that these young women still live at home with their families. In addition, the education cost in many instances is significantly reduced due to special relationships that the program has with specific high schools and colleges.

Thus far, we are thrilled to have supported
*155 Fellows for the full 5 to 6-year fellowship term
*5 Fellows in perpetuity (through an endowment)
*200 Fellows for a one-year term

An Udayan Shalini Fellowship Success Story

***All numbers above updated on February 2018