Videos & Webinars

Udayan Care Film (2023)

Udayan Ghar Program (2023)

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program (2023)

Udayan Care IT & Vocational Skills Program (2023)

Udayan Care Advocacy, Research, and Training Practice (2023)

IT Vocational Training | COVID 19

IT Vocational Training

Udayan Care Ghar

Udayan Care | Ghar Mentors

Udayan Shalini Fellowship

Aneesha Tribute

Book launch of Deepak Sharma’s | Wings to Fly

Book Reading Session | ‘Wings To Fly’ by Deepak Sharma

WINGS TO FLY | Teaser: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man


Wings To Fly | Deepak Sharma

The Mentor Fathers at Udayan Care | Deepak Sharma

Provide direct support for some of India’s most vulnerable young women and children

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