Where do the Udayan Ghar children come from? 

ABJECT POVERTY: Handed over by parents due to poverty

FAMILY ABUSE: Many children are abused in the home. Some run away often jumping on a train to come to the “big” city for bigger hopes and dreams.

CHILD TRAFFICKING: Children are often sold or kidnapped for a life of child labor, or sexual exploits.

THE STREET: One of the 18 million children who live on the street because of all the reason above.

OTHER GROUP HOMES: Many similar organizations experience an overflow of children or a child may ask to be moved to another home.

How much does it cost to fund a child in a Udayan Ghar?

It only takes $2,700 per year or $220 per month to sponsor an Udayan Ghar child until age 18.

It only takes $2,700 per year or $220 per month to sponsor an Udayan
Aftercare child through college or vocational training

How are you funded?

Udayan Care relies on contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

We do not receive any programme donations from the Indian or foreign governments.

How much does it cost to fund a child in a Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program?

It only takes $1,300 to support a Shalini over a 5-year period or $260/year to pursue Liberal Arts/Business degrees; and only $2100 to support a Shalini over a 6-year period or $350/year to pursue Science/Computer Science/Engineering degrees.

How many girls has the Udayan Shalini Fellowship impacted?

  • 8446 girls across 13 states, 21 locations, supported for secondary and tertiary education
  • Over 4500 girls studying in higher secondary and in undergrad courses
  • High retention rate of 95%

How do you update your donors on the impact of their donated dollars? How often?

Based on the program you have given your donations to, you will receive a semi-annual report the first year of your donation as to the use and impact of your donation.

If your donation is directed to specific Ghar or Fellowship children, you will receive specific reports as it pertains to them.

What is unique about Udayan Ghar?

A PLACE TO CALL HOME: Udayan Ghars are not institutions….they are homes which gives each
child a sense of belonging.

Children are welcomed into homes often as early as age 6 and stay on until they are 18, then move to Aftercare. Many homes only have 12-15 children in them with 3-4 Mentor Parents.

Ghars are found in social integrated neighborhoods, not hidden away.CARED FOR BY A “PARENT”: Volunteer Mentor Mothers/Fathers have dedicated their lives to being these children’s parent. A strong mental health programme ensure the children’s traumas are addressed and slowly overcome.

Continuous training given to mentor parents to help them be better.

THEIR FUTURES SECURED: Education is paramount…all children are placed into appropriate school environments. Young adults are funded to attend higher education or vocational courses.

A wedding fund helps Udayan Care ensure the young adults feel their home is for life and weddings are hosted by their mentors.

Who are the Shalinis?

Shalini Fellows are girls who have an immense passion for an independent future but their life of poverty often holds them back. Impoverished girls often see their futures interrupted by child labor as their families simply need the income to survive, and child marriage , which is often seen
as a way to “have one less mouth to feed” by poor families.

Relationship of Udayan Care USA and Udayan Care India?

Udayan Care USA is currently comprised of individuals who are intimately connected with the
mission and work of Udayan Care in India. Their passion for the organization has led them to form Udayan Care USA as a way to build awareness and eventually funds for Udayan Care in India. Many individuals in the USA are interested in donating to Udayan Care in India but were
deterred by the lack of tax-deductibility their donation offered. Thus, Udayan Care USA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the United States.

What is unique about the Udayan Shalini Fellowship?

MENTORSHIP: The 5-6 year curriculum is taught by professionals from the community which
encompasses a wide range of leadership workshops from public speaking to employability.

Each Fellow is mentored by a peer mentor “sister” and an accomplished adult mentor during the 5-6 years.

THEIR FUTURES SECURED: The Fellowship pays for their higher education as well during this 5-6 year Fellowship which would have never been in their reach.

SOCIAL RESPONSBILITY: The Fellows are instilled with the value of helping others, thus are required to donate 50 hours of their time during the Fellowship period.

Many Fellowship graduates serve as mentors to the current Fellows. While several Fellowship alumni once working, fund the expenses of current Fellows.

Provide direct support for some of India’s most vulnerable young women and children

Additional Payment Methods

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