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Udayan Ghar Child

Complete Well-Being for One Child (food, education, clothing, healthcare, housing)

$100 – for two week
$220 – for one month
$2700 – for one year

Educate and Feed One Child

$500 – FEED for one year
$700 – EDUCATE for one year
$1200 – FEED AND EDUCATE for one year

Udayan Shalini Fellow (USF)
$260 – Sponsor one USF for one year
$1300 – Sponsoring one USF for 5 years in a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Business ($2100 for 6 years in a Bachelor of Computer Science, Engineering or Medicine)

Udayan Care USA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
EIN: 27-1935992 –
Corporate matching can double your gift.

Mail checks to:
Udayan Care USA, PO BOX 353141 Toledo, OH 43635

Wire Transfers:
Please contact us at for details.